Mallorca Vineyards: Comprehensive planting and maintenance service for vines in Mallorca

Over the last few years, the wine industry in Mallorca has been successfully going forward. At the present time, Mallorcan wine is acquiring a name for itself in the rest of the world.

The top specialists are aware of this situation and in the next few years we will see Mallorcan wine obtaining places at the top of the price list. The reason is that the soil and the climate of this island are ideal for growing grapes. Likewise, there are very few places in the world where investment in agriculture is so profitable.

Mallorca Vineyards offers a comprehensive service for planting and maintaining vines based on the premise of excellence, plus design and installation of wineries with a product exclusive to the island.

Mallorca, an unbeatable place for investment

Everybody knows that Mallorca is a paradise both for tourists and for real estate investors. Furthermore, the island of Mallorca is excellent for agriculture, especially for grape vines and olive trees. It is easy to obtain abundant and top quality crops on the island. The way the land is divided up in Mallorca makes it impossible for local farmers to compete with large scale producers so competition is based on quality and the results are making our Mallorcan products well known outside the island. Mallorcan vineyards have, therefore, guaranteed sales of all their production.

If we focus on obtaining a top quality product on this small island, where we welcome almost 20 million visitors each year with more and more spending power, most of it invested in the real estate market, or if we can convince visitors to come to practice their favourite free time activities, then our success is assured.

In Mallorca Vineyards we know exactly which direction to follow. Our products will continue to be top quality and more and more exclusive. With this objective, we are working on our projects with the best technology and designs.

How do we work?

In Mallorca Vineyards we search for the perfect essence of each variety.

  • We work closely with the best plant specialists to select the strongest plants, obtain the healthiest scions and the most adequate size of grape. We use natural processes without genetic manipulation which could lead to loss of aroma.
  • Our vineyards are not excessively large (max. 6.000kg/h) and we always seek linear perfection through GPS.
  • We utilize the land, but we don’t overuse it. We install underground irrigation systems to facilitate work on the land and to avoid spoiling the landscape.
  • We advise on ecological farming and we recommend manual picking in crates of 50x35x35 cms.
  • We recommend deciding on when to harvest depending on the degree of acidity and not on the degree of sugar.

In winery:

  • We recommend processing the harvest with advanced technology regarding unloading, presses and even selection processes in cascade such as Vistalis which doesn’t allow unripe fruit to enter.
  • Maceration will provide intensity, therefore it will be prolonged in accordance with the wine we wish to produce.
  • Oak will later soften this effect.
  • In the winery we use French oak barrels which guarantee sufficient ageing and a regular degree of tanning each year.
  • We utilize decanting by gravity to treat our wine in the best possible way.

We like traditional and local varieties, smooth, elegant wines and intensely fruity wines, pale rose wines and cool, balanced white wines.